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Sun Turf Care offers landscaping design and build services to both residential and commercial clients throughout Central Florida. With years of experience in landscape design, the staff members of Sun Turf Care would be happy to work with you on a landscaping design that fits your budget while also fitting the vision that you have for the project.


Our residential mowing services are currently offered to residents of Hillsborough County. This service provides mowing, weed-eating, and edging to homes within the covered area. Commercial services are offered throughout all of Central Florida.


Ensuring that your lawn receives the water that it needs to remain healthy is an essential aspect to proper lawn management. Our irrigation services provide our customers with access to assistance designing and installing an appropriate irrigation system, or help repairing or redesigning an existing system that is not providing adequate functionality.


Sun Turf Care
Sun Turf Care
Sun Turf Care


Our pest control experts have years of experience in diagnosing and treating lawns for insects that invade and destroy a healthy lawn. Our pest control services give you access to these experts in the industry and you can be sure that when one of our staff members is on-site, it will be a pest control expert and not a salesman.


A great lawn requires a fertilization plan that is suited specifically to your grass type and soil. At Sun Turf Care, our experts know exactly what your lawn needs to keep it healthy and green. We strive to keep your lawn looking amazing year-round, and know exactly what it takes to keep it that way.


In addition to proper fertilization and pest control, weed control is also very important in ensuring that your lawn is something that you can be proud of. Our lawn experts know exactly what your lawn needs to ensure that your lawn looks great year-round.